hamster derby results

so today at our local petco was the hamster derby ... lots of little guys running around in balls. loads of fun for everyone.

this is Julius, I know its had to see her in the green ball. but the colored plastic is half the fun of owning these guys and having them as pets (Kailee still wants to get them a pink ball because they are all girls you know)
 kailee was having so much fun cheering her on along with all the others in the stands, wait i mean isles  right... it was fun, there were actually spectators. lol
 kailee telling Julius to speed up and run down the track ... K also painted her own nails today, and i'm sure i should have paid a little bit more attention to the process but she was having fun and it really only got all over her skin ... she painted my toes too, hello scrub brush but my nails are a pretty red color now :)
 love this picture ... it was taken right when julius won the "big guys" heat ... even though she was the smallest of the hamsters in the race. the drawf hamsters are seriously speed racers they were tearing up the track (one of them won the over all too)
 and finally kailee and julius showing off their third place ribbon. julius got some rock star wood chews for all her efforts. and kailee was stocked that her hamster placed ....
there were 7 hamsters in all in the glorious hamster derby. and kailee was by far the youngest hamster owner there.


Candace Prado said...

Yay! Congratulatory wishes to Julius and Kailee! That had to be fun - didn't know the pet shops did these things?!

Sarah C said...

Oh, how fun! I didn't know pet stores did that either. Congratulations on the 3rd place!

Shel said...

They do this at our local pet store too! We've gone to watch! It is so fun and we don't even have hamsters!

Congrats! 3rd place is better than no place!! Heehee

Pam said...

Aww,love it! She looks so so happy! Gooo Julius!