finally catching up

so i think i've got a handle on all that's happened this week. its started out monday night when kailee was tackled by a treadmil at the house and we ended up at children's hospital for a broken arm.  its was weird i knew it was broken right away, even with out the crunch sound/feeling i received when i was putting ice on it.   it's strange the things you start talking about to distract them from the pain ... we talked her day at school. how many of her aunts and uncles had broken bones. what the doctors were going to do. talked about her getting pictures taken of her hurt arm. oh and lots and lots of talk about what new toy she wanted for being so brave and everything tramatic about visiting the emergency room.  I had to ask i belive 3 different doctors to get to see her x-rays (everything's digital now) but we got a print out of it :) yes i know crazy scrapbooking mom lol.
finally today she really really wanted to go back to school, and have all her friends sign her cool pink cast (i haven't gotten a picture of it yet) but i thought instead i'll post her school picture ... pretty cool EAK gets school pictures :)  

i think logan is finally back to normal too. he really does enjoy his sister free time while she's in school. but the next two weeks are spring break, seriously two weeks i used to wish i got two weeks off when i was in school i only got a week. but oh well it should be fun to see what we can find to do seeing as beach trips are sorta off the list now.

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Candace Prado said...

oh man...I'm not sure I could handle broken bones and the regime it needs! Big hugs too Kailee (and YOU) to get through this!