almost loosing logan ... or at least realizing he's not so attached

so the story:  
earlier this week our church had a little get together with a egg hunt for the kids. while we were there i turned my back on logan (my child who is always underfoot, and never goes far) to help kailee do something pre-egg hunt. when i turned back around i couldn't find logan anywhere ... some time later (seemed like an eternity, probably more like like 30 seconds) i had half the group (talking 40 kids and adults) looking for logan because seriously i couldn't find him .... my velcro guy is not attached to me what is wrong with this picture. we found him pretty much right after that, its amazing what multiple sets of eyes can do. he has gone down the hill and was on his way to the water line of the lake completely out of my line of sight.  but it was the fear for that amount of time that it took me to realize he wasn't there and then ask for aide to find him that just freaked me out ... i haven't turned my back on him since, i guess that little luxury is over now. he's getting bigger and embracing the world around him without me. not that it stopped him for crying for me the whole time he was in his sunday school class.


Pam said...

Yikes, I would have been so scared!!! So glad you guys found him quickly! K is totally wandering away from me...sometimes I just follow him around to see how long it takes him to look for me;)

Candace Prado said...

At any time did he realize he had gone too far?

I had brandan once HIDE from me under a rack of clothes at a store! I blessed him out for scaring me (he was three). The just a couple of years ago he went down an aisle at Sam's club and the divider made him lose site of us. Well, as soon as he felt LOST, my mommy heart began pounding! I looked around like crazy until I caugh sight of him searching for us! Whew.

Glad you caught L before he hit that water! Thank goodness!

Shel said...

And let the terrible twos begin!!!! Welcome to the club!!! :)