kailee's new haircut

she has been giving me a hard time about taking a picture of her new hair cut.
 can't you see the attiude in these pictures ... lol (side note on that she's driving me nuts with her new found non-listening skills ... but this only applies to mommy she listens to everyone else.)
 and finally my favorite of the bunch ... kailee is being the flower, and she actually let me take a picture of her ... if you look closely on the top left of her hair, following her pinky to the edge of the photo you can see her "bling" .... she got some dark pink tinsel in her hair and she's so proud about it. lol
i love her haircut too ... its all layerd and poofs and does all those things you want hair to do on a daily basis ... its not the boring little girl hair cut where all the hair is the same length except for the bangs either.


Candace Prado said...

Yay! You got the pics. It's so cute too! Now if I could talk Aly into a sweet cut like this!!!

Pam said...

She looks like such a big kid here!!! Love the cut and my fave picture is yours too;)