head, shoulders, knees, and toes .....

eyes (he closes his eyes, although he mostly points to his nose)




belly belly

and now the tickling begins ... he does this for me all the time now all i have to do is ask him where something is .... we're expanding to include head and toes.  he's big on pointing out the parts on mommy too ... i never took pictures of kailee doing this so it's kinda fun to have logan playing along.  it all started with the head and shoulders song hee hee


Candace Prado said...

Perfect topic for this cute kid! So now the important Q: paper or digi scrapping??

Pam said...

Super super cute! Totally need to copy this...I do have the pics of A, now just need to get them with K:)

Shel said...

So fun! I love to throw them off by throwing in a body part that stumps them...LOL....Like...where are your ankles?