whatcha got there logan??

yeah he plays with his sisters dolls, so much so that he takes them where ever he goes they hold the same weight as his cars. i love it because he has them walk on stuff, they talk, just like how his sister plays with them ... his are ballerina snow white and then the smaller 4" variety (like this one) and belive it or not he doesn't play with the ones that his sister has claimed has her's, no he brings them to me to play with him (again just like his siser).  it's kinda funny and i am totally going to haunt him with this when he gets older. but i think it's time for some "prince" dolls or GI joes ... daddy's leaning towards the GI joes :)  i guess kailee need's some too.  hee hee.


Candace Prado said...

he's adorable. B used to play with wrestling dolls...Steve might approve of these (?)

Pam said...

Haaa ha, love the pic! Kieran plays with A's ponies and it makes her oh so mad!

My brothers and my sister totally used to play GI Joes and Barbies together:)