week 6

so its hard to remember to take pictures ... i have been kinda slacking this last week (and i've left sunday open in hopes that maybe i will take a picture tommarow, but if not i have a pic of K eating her ice cream). and realize taking a picture everyday isn't ingraned in my head just yet.  and also this project is hitting a point where i'm really not loving it. i think it isn't helping that i keep looking over on ali's page and she has these wonderful examples of people's current 365 projects, and seriously mine does not compete .. that and i'm getting board with the layout, i kinda want to play with it more but in that same sentance i dont want to make it too complicated ... i think i might maybe set up a complimenting template so that i can alternate between the bunch.

its that or im just trying to avoid making a fool of myself and jumbled mess of all the new paper i just got in attempts to enter a design team contest.  i stress myself out over nothing, and sit there and stare at my would be layouts and can only see how they suck and were they totally dont work. cant seem to figure out how to fix the problem ... my rants ahhhh!

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Pam said...

You do not suck. You are awesome. Remember this is for fun;) Don't be so hard on yourself girlie...I want you to repeat 3 times "I am awesome" and make sure you say it like you mean it!!!

P.S. Have you seen K's hair? That boy needs a haircut, lol!