week 5, or the first week of FEbRuArY

So I'm pretty sure that in terms of blogging everyday with the whole p365 I'm and pitifly slacking. But i've got the photo taking and plugging the photos into the templates down, i'm even admitting to using someone
elses camera phone because my phone was acting up on me. I also have to admit that I love the camera phone and can totally see how it's a threat to p&s everywhere (i'll still have both promise, i love cameras and good images), and its totally fun to use said camera phone in this project.

so here's week 5. i skipped out on the "january" because seriously it was only one day, and i am ready for a new title ... i think wendsday is spelt right :) (love you candi)
 and this has to be my favorite picture of the week. logan is a hoot to hang out with all by himself. he keeps finding shoes that don't belong to him putting them on and the clompping around the house. the too big beanie is just cute. and he now say "eeessse" and smiles when i pull the camera or phone out to snap a picture of him.


Candace Prado said...

love THAT HAT!! I bet it is a blast to hang out with JUST him! I never really GOT that time. If I was praying they would both take a nap at the same time (just to get me time) I was never lucky. I chased one while the other went down. And as soon as THAT one would wake up - the other would go out!!

Pam said...

I love it!! I love the the with just K too:) Love the hat...K does that too with Shaun's hat, must be a boy thing, lol.

Who cares if you aren't blogging about it everyday...you are still on it and I am loving seeing these spreads, they are awesome!! Don't be too hard on yourself;)