just because i seem to be on top of the daily picture and blogging i think this will be my post for today.
logan was helping me fold the laundry today ... he was throwing it out of the basket for me to pick up and fold. :)  but then he wanted me to put in all back in the basket so he could throw it at me again ... not sure how much help he really was, but he did love playing in the basket.
**loving my camera phone, this picture was talking from it .... kinda blew it up a bit too much here thought**


Candace Prado said...

Speaking of camera phones, I've gone retro... I found an app called "instagram" that does instant actions. It's simple, funky, and a blast to play with. It loads my pics up to flickr or FB of wherever. That is what I am thinking about doing a 365 with cause I always have my phone! And cute kids like L will never be missed again!!

Pam said...

Haa, love it. K crawls in the laundry basket and calls it a boat:)

I really need to figure out how to get pictures off my phone:)