so he can clearly sign, talking ....

he's still very much a 20m older there.  but hey its awsome that he now signs "please" and "thank you" and because every time i show him the sign i also say the word, his signs are followed by "eassse" and "ank too" its pretty cute. now to review the signing time dvd with some more new words to learn .. like juice, milk, (i know water), and i'm sure there are other very useful words for this little guy to learn.
 and i am lifting one of pam's lo's but i thought i should try my hand at some EP "wintertime" digital papers that i got today for a $1 ... seriously a great pack if you have alot of snow in your weather, i feel like im streching. but the blue tones are awsomly chilly just a little heavy on the snow flakes.


Candace Prado said...

Signing was barely starting to get attention when B was born, so it wasn't something that crossed ours minds. But gosh...I kind of wish it had, because my boy talks a mile a minute since he learned to recite his abc's.

Love the LO and that you used some snowflakes. Watch out SD may get some yet! ;)

Pam said...

I have this digi stuff from when I did my blog...maybe I should...gulp...make a digi page with it? I don't really know how though:)

That is so awesome that L is signing! I love that picture of him, so cute!

Hee, I like your take on my layout:)