scrapping digitally

So this layout actually is using some papers that i made myself ... i'm feeling pretty dark so the background is relating that but IMG it is a beautiful color. i got the scheme of kuler.adobe.com its a pretty cool site for color combinations. its funny i make up these digi pages all the time, yet i have only ever printed one ... i guess i just haven't committed myself to it yet. i end up printing the pictures for a paper layout and just go with that. 
 and since i am blogging here's my  potd for monday ... lunch .... kinda going with the while heart theme this month (along with a million other people huh?)
and on a side note, i seriously need a new mouse. my mac mouse is barely holding on. don't let it fall off the desk it will be in 4 different pieces, it eats batteries, the scrolly ball doesn't work. and the right click button doesn't work either. it just totally sucks that it's gunna cost me 60 bucks to get a new one ... i love my mac really i do, but darn it! if everything for it isn't more expensive.  UGH!  (oh and i have looking into the options of getting a wireless pc mouse and using it, but its pretty much the same cost as the mac mouse ... and well mac stuff just looks cooler ... seriously check out their flat silver keyboards .. good think i didn't opt for the cordless one of those, i would not want to see what would happen there.)
I'm ranting about my mouse ... seriously :p


Candace Prado said...

Two things: get a wireless! Anything sans wires is priceless. And I want someone to cut my sandwich into a cute heart like that!!!

Pam said...

I think we might have that same cutter-does it cut 2 hearts and leave off the crusts?

I like your stuff you made...you should get them printed sometime!!!
I totally just completed an ALL BOY layout too:)

Great minds think alike, eh?