retro camera phone app

I am an official believer in camera phones now. I've had one since they first came out, and they sucked back then, but they are way cool now :)  thanks to candi and her mention of a retro camera app for her iphone and how cool it is. i went searching for an app for my droid phone. I found the free one called "retro" and its has like 4-5 different cameras in it and each is a little different ... some are also in another language so i don't know what to call them.  but they give you pretty cool pictures with distressing, some lomo action going on, as well as come in nice little retro frames... i am all about the poliroid look right now, no even white boardes for me. so here is logan cheesing it up for my camera phone.

3 different cameras, the one of him with the sippy cup eating breakfast is so far my favorite, although i like the orange thing going on in the one below it ... so 70's -80's coloration to it, but with clean pictures, not like my baby pictures which look like that but are blurry .... okay well thought i would share, im sure you'll be seeing more camera phone images from me in the future :)


Candace Prado said...

Aren't they the MOST?? I have instagram app with 20 different filters and hipstamatic app with five lens and three different flash modes. I left my camera at home last night because I knew I had my cool camera apps.

Pam said...

Awesome!!! Your favorite is mine too:) I wonder if my old phone has cool apps like this?!

Shel said...

I really like that orange one with him holding his car. That one is awesome!