My POTD desision

so my original idea was to post pictures of each of the kids clothes ... its funny how they only differ in a few shades (the orange shirt on top of the "boy clothes" is actually kailee's). and kailee looks to have a few more items than logan. and i really hate laundry ... its the fact that it never ends that bugs me the most.
girl clothes

boy clothes
 but the kids were playing in the basket so i had to grab some snap shots ... the part the gets me on these is the child not in focus ...
 kailee making funny faces at me because i am still taking pictures of them (this one is out of order, it was towards the end of the pile) and logan is all about the  "cheese" right now.
and this one logan is so trusting that his sister is behind him and about to push him out of the room and down the hall at super basket speed, she of course is there smiling at me for the best picture ever.  :)

so what picture to choose for the day ... hmmm hard question if you ask me


Candace Prado said...

I adore a good 1.8f-stop. I only wish I could always guarantee all portrait shots in focus just losing the background! Very cute!

Pam said...

Love love!! I pick the third picture-love K's face:)