kailee's jump a thon

so i got to go with kailee to school monday where they were having a jump a thon in the morning.  smary scrappy mama that i am forgot my camera.  but i did have my nifty camera phone (which i just now figured out how to download the pictures from :)) and out of some 77 photos i got a few keepers ... her teacher is awsome too because she takes pictures of the kids in class and loads them onto the class shutterfly page, so i will have more pictures of K and her first bit of school ....

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Pam said...

I am so behind on your blog, arg!

That is so so cool that K's teacher puts the pics on a shutterfly page. Totally jealous.

Don't feel bad about forgetting your camera-TWICE (including at A's valentine's party at school) I brought my camera somewhere with no memory card, oops!