technically not the first day

of EAk. but it's the only one i'll get to take pictures at right?  so Kailee and i had orientation today in her class room. got to meet her teacher and see what it was all about ... met some other students as well.
 sitting at her spot, see her name on the table ... she was pretty excited about it all. she at the yellow table and the seating is set up as boy girl so she sits next to two boys, one she met ...
 she's just so excited that she couldn't contain her self ... or she didn't want me to take her picture ... i donno
 and got to listen to a story and then make some kissing hands.  kailee did it all herself wanting none of my help.
she's super excited about the whole thing starting school and all.  i just have to remember to have her name on all her stuff  for tommarow


Scrap Candy said...

Oh! I love reading the Kissing Hand! What a great book to hear with her!! I'm so excited for you guys!! Yay, Kailee!

Pam said...

Awwww, the Kissing Hand is the perfect book! She looks so excited too, I love it! How long of a day is it and is it everyday?

Geez the lost tooth and now starting school-slow down Kailee!

Shel said...

I can't believe she is in school already. I feel like it was just yesterday when you introduced yourself to me with your terrible two year old! Time flies! She's going to love school and so will you!