take 3 challenge ...

Pam put up a "take 3 challenge" so here's my response .... logan in three pictures *drum roll*

Independent!  He does not like to accept help. If he thinks he can do it all by himself that is exactly what he will do. Most the time he belives he can do it all by himself too

 Helpful! He inisits on helping me do everything, and I mean everything. I plan on encouraging this trait of his and making him into one of those wonderful gentlemen when he gets bigger.
 Cars!  He loves love loves his cars, well anything with wheels really.  He zooms them around on every surface he's allowed to with a "hhhhmmmmm" sound attached.  Oh and he doesn't like to share his cars with his sister, its a boy thing. lol
now i know pam's challenge was for a less traditional pictures. and i had it going with the over head and then the boxes defeted me, seriously a little guy holding those big boxes i thought was a given no face shot .... i was so wrong. and well by then i was over it, but i  do like the up close shot of Logan's monster truck.  :)


Scrap Candy said...

I love these shots! Specially the last one! I've been thinking about how to approach this... But paper work has been damaging my creativity. I like how you described home with three words too!

Pam said...

It's okay, it was just for fun and just to get me thinking more out of the box with my own pictures:)

I LOVE these those...and wow, the things with wheels-definitely a boy thing...K loves pushing them around of anything...including my arms and the little top of the baseboards.

Love the box picture too, K is a little helper, he loves putting his dirty clothes in the hamper, lol:)

It is really fun having kiddos roughly the same ages and genders:)

Shel said...

I think they are great and they showcase so much of his personality!