still on top .... P365

wow they're small on here .. but it is the whole spread.  so I wanted to post here the continuation of my P365 .... so what this is 3 weeks down after 4 its suppose to be a habit and easier right?  i can feel myself running out of ideas and i voe to just take a picture and use it, real life isn't always exciting and picture worthy this is project is to document that ... my everyday.  so this week i'm planing on taking pictures of laundry, walking to school ... because we do walk to school alot, and probably some more food shots .. but i will try not to place those on monday we do eat the rest of the week.  hee hee

oh and i totally like getting to change up the back ground papers ... just makes it more me and fun. besides how can i not have a green background for the week when there is a green day during the week :)  this week at school is yellow (one of K's favorite colors, and the color table she sits at) so we will see if we have a yellow day, or maybe a purple day, or in honor of Candi a teal day????

and pam no stress but YOU CAN NOT STOP THIS PROCESS. i am feeding off of you and your posts are keeping me motivated and challenged ... I think you need a color day at your house and A can take some photos of color things for you :)


Candace Prado said...

I am SOOoOooo in love with these pages! I love how they are laid out even when there is a wide shot and it takes up two spaces! Aly has those same pink converse shoes! I love the color change on the bg and totally vote for a teal week!! ;)

Pam said...

oh man, the pressure, lol! I will get on it, I promise!!!

I love the way your book is gonna look at the end of this-so fun!