sleeping child .... the fight begins

I know you'd expect a sleeping child, not a picture of a foot. But as it goes this is one of the shoes that logan has been wearing for most his life ... the whole club foot thing, and now he only has to wear them when he sleeps. That is if this child ever did sleep, and there was no way I was getting any closer to him for this picture in fear of waking him up. ... and now the story ....

Logan is fighting with us every night when it comes to bed time and him sleeping in his own bed.  He's a cuddler, loves cuddling and if allowed will curl up on you and fall happily asleep while you are watching TV, reading a book, used to be able to surf the web too. besides that fact that he's a night owl ... so yeah we kinda laxed on the putting him to bed and let him cry it out, part of it was that it would keep Kailee awake (our resident monster child when she's tired).  But now it has backfired, because he will not under any curcumstances lay down and fall asleep on his own.  No he screams, yells, and climbs out of his bed until one of us has to hold him in bed till he falls asleep ... we're talking hours here and every night. Oh the joys of parenthood ... Kailee is a dream child when it comes to bed time and falling asleep ... she still has her 15 mins of crankiness before she's out cold for the night .... Logan tonight only kept me at his side for 30-45 mins, unlike last night that was a good 2 hours ... we'll see how it goes from here ... oh and he wakes up early, talking 4 am early screaming ... that goes away nicely if he's allowed in bed with us, but again its breaking the rules of him sleeping in his own bed.


Scrap Candy said...

Welcome to the world of daylight and dark. If one then NOT the other ... I always say. Whatever B does A won't touch with a ten foot pole and vice versa. It was hard for B to sleep alone (especially after we first moved into our house) and the A came along and slept like sleeping beauty for us in her crib. Take it with a grain of salt. Glad to read these important stories, too.

Pam said...

It is crazy how different each one can be...We did cry it out for about 2-3 nights when K was around 1. Lately though I have had to rock him for his nap. I did it for a couple days and he got used tot hat FAST! I know I need him to go on his own, but it is so much easier to just do what I feel is inevitable anyways:)

Good luck girlie!!!