today i got up the energy to sort through all the recyclables we have stored in plastic bags outside next to the trash cans.  its a gross, sticky, smelly process that i don't particularly like.  but i do like collecting the money that comes when i go turn it in to the recycling center (and they practically take it out of the car for you) so that was what i did today.
 and when it came to the final clean up part, i bumped up against this lovely plant ... its related to stinging nettle, it has to be it has a nasty bite. and my calf was irritated and stinging and itchy for a good hour later (related because my experience with stinging nettle is that its affects last much much longer if not treated with milkweed) ... no milkweed in sight. and to make it all the worse we have to "roundup" so i couldn't turn around and spray the evil weed with plant killer to get back at it for tagging me.  oh well life moves on, i'm letting steve do the yard work that includes ridding the area of this evil thing :)


Pam said...

boo, that stinks (or stings?)! How cool they pay you! If we didn't have to drive to take our recycling I would totally do it. Man...that is lazy, huh? Sorry Mother Earth!

Scrap Candy said...

We were just talking about this yesterday!! Here in Chicago there are big blue bins that they pick up like garbage bins (but only every OTHER week - which stinks). We always fill our can up and there's not enough room for it all.

Sorry bout the sting! We use a cream called "pomada de la campana" that takes the swelling down.