Pano soup

I'm starting the journey of a P365 journal type album. I'm not sure how i am going to complete this project, but i feel that it needs to be done. I'm not going to stress in i miss a day or two, or even a week for that matter, its the journey that i am looking for. I'm completing it as a digital album and will print it as a completed book, although im sure i can afford to print it as a page a day layout and im contemplating templates and such. so we will see what it becomes in the end. I do want it to have lots of pictures and honest journaling to it, so hence i'm using my blog.
that being said, its January third .....

pano soup:
Kailee recently borrowed "pano" from the library and we watched it every day two times a day for the week that she got to keep it (i'm sure if she see's it again it will come home with us). and steve was wanting top ramen soup in the house ... i hate this soup, i blame it on being a poor college student in a dorm room where the food sucked (no kitchen, and a walk across campus to eat cafitatera food) all of the microwave variety. i freshman 15'd the wrong way and ate way to much ramen soup. but atlas i lost the debate with the consent that i could put freshies in it. well steve came home and made the soup for lunch, with said freshies. and kailee helping daddy out discoverd that this was the same type of noodle soup pano and sochka made in the movie .... hence it is now known as our house as pano soup. and i have had to eat it every day since saturday, for lunch. the best part however is that after the timer has gone off, meaning the soup has had its brewing time, kailee has to say "abra cadabra" because that's what they said in the movie. she's eaten it all up everytime i've made it, but i have to call her pano in the process, and not to forget her brother he's sochka.

p.s its not so bad with the fresh veggies (freshies), if you put them in with the raw veggies and let them brew along with the soup ... full of sodium i am sure of ... working on that part.


Pam said...

Love the story behind it...A does the same thing and I have to call her names...yesterday she would only listen to me if I called her Silvermist. Sillies....I love "freshies" too:)

Shel said...

Yum! I hate the movie Panyo! I think it is so dumb, don't you?

Scrap Candy said...

I really like Ponyo! DIdn't see it with my kids, but rather my students! Sure was an interesting character! Glad your 365 is under way! YOu will do this and I can't wait to see the finished project!!