a month of 365

okay so I've kinda slacked off on the posting everyday thing. but I am still on top of my photos and layouts. This project is turning out to be fun ... I can definatly do a picture a day, a bunch of pictures a day (like the week in the life project) i donno yet. Maybe i will see later on when all my scrapping buddies decide to do that again. I will definatly do it digital though, the whole not having to wait to print the pictures (or if i liked my photo printer) home picture printing doesn't work so well with me. printing the book at the end seems like fun.  

So i think this is my set up. I will have to go in this week and fine tune everything on my master templates so that they all will look perfect in the end. simple is better, that's for sure. the painting of all the numbers and months is bothersome and i think i will make up a file with just them in it. although is the title month a little to repeative??? do tell me your opinon, im not sure i want to see "january, january, blah blah blah so prominent on every page ... hmmmm  oh if you click on the images they get bigger, and you can actually read the account for the day.
 week 4
 week 3
 week 2
week 1

and yeah some of the photos totally suck, but it goes with the whole storying telling, journaling process of the project. 

and i totally feel like this galopagos turtle .... we went to see these big guys on saturday and i totally got a kick out of them napping. :)


Shel said...

Great pics! You are really rocking that template, girlie!

Candace Prado said...

I vote to keep the month on each page. I love the done and that's definitely a reason to keep it there! This tremendous effort is dragging me in... I might try it out over the summer. Maybe a SAHM's summer journal kind of thing?!! Hmmmm....

Candace Prado said...

oh - fyi...double check your spelling of HUMP day. Wednesday has a typo.

Pam said...

I agree with Candi about the month... This looks SO GOOD! I think it is going to look great at the end of the year, so awesome! Yay for having one month down!