lost tooth

Kailee has had a loose tooth for a while. And well I was think that she was just being crazy and that is wasn't really loose .... thought you got loose teeth like in 1st grade.  Well I was wrong! And this morning Kailee lost her first tooth, the bottom one on the left, I'm wondering if that was one of her first teeth (might have to go and look that up in some archived photos, lol)
 She's pretty excited about it ... it was pretty impossible to get her to sit still long enough for me to get a pictures, seeing as this is her first tooth.
 she's pretty excited over the tooth fairy coming tonight. her dad and her devised a plan to post her tooth up on the wall so it doesn't get lost and the tooth fairy can find it. she even had to write up a note ... which i have to agree is much better then the book we have about the tooth fairy where miranda hides her tooth from the tooth fairy, beacuse if the tooth fairy can find it then she knows she is real, the tooth fairy hides miranda's money from her too in the end.  so i like kailee's plan much better.
 so i guess we will have to wait and see what the tooth fairy leaves for her in the morning .... almost as cool as santa :)

and because kailee got her picture taken for loosing a tooth, logan wanted his picture taken for getting a new tooth ... its one of the bottom side ones (he's only had the two center ones for forever) and his first molars have come in before the other bottom's and his pointer teeth (the vampire ones :))


Scrap Candy said...

This just rocks!! I'm so excited for kailee! I can remember if the kids were in kindergarten or first grade be I'll go back and check for you. Yay for Logan sharing the excitement!

Pam said...

Oh my goodness, how exciting! I was thinking it was older when they lost teeth too. Awesome, she looks so pumped in the pictures and I love that she wrote a note!