Kailee is 5 now!

It's a scary thought, my first baby is now 5. I remember so many years ago in college and talking about getting married and having kids. I was adiment that I could get married whenever, seriously garenteed date, but I wasn't having any kids until I was 25. It was in my head how cool it would be to be 30 and have a 5 year old ..... well that happened pretty much exactly as I thought it would (not that the rest of my life works that easily). but its kinda cool to reflect on the things that did work out perfect from your younger you dreams. :)

so all these photos were staged, she posed for them and everything. some more plainly than others. cupcakes DO NOT LAST MORE THAN A FEW HOURS at this house. she helped me, we started after breakfast with the baking and were decorating at lunch. it started with 15 and by the time the icing came out there were 12, while icing i belive we lost 4 more. and when daddy came home from work he told K that she could have a cupcake before dinner because it was her birthday. daddy snuck another one, or two then. so that by dinner time was over there were 4 left. we sang happy birthday and then K and L licked off all the frosting and ate their cupcakes with little mess left.
more decortating, although she wasn't paying as much attention to the camera at this point so i have a more natural looking photo...
can i eat it mommy?
almost eating the cupcake, enjoying having me taking pictures of her while she made funny faces and was over all being a excited goof because it is her birthday today.
and i have to admit that I LOVE THIS ONE, she's making exagerated faces at me while eating the cupcake. and i was just shooting away. (this on is going in the scrapbook! :)) i hate eating photos ... childhood nightmares of christmas dinners at my grandma's and a great uncle who thought himself a photographer, err! .... but this was just to much fun.
I realize that i didn't take any pictures with the actual candles being blown out, but seriously i like these photos better and they tell more of the whole story than some candle picture anyway.

I keep telling kailee that she should stop growing up. she then gives me a hug and in her best mommy soothing grownup voice tells me it will be okay and that she has to grow up to be a teenager. and then again reasures me that when she's at school she will come home and tell me everything she did that day ..... i'm thinking i will hold her to that one when she does become that scary teenager. but she tells me she's not a teenager when her dad and i tease her about being one ... we get "no, mommy im still a kid, i'll be a teenager when im 16"

Kailee llama girlie I love you! ~mommy


Scrap Candy said...

Happy birthday, Kailee! Five is my favorite age. It was my favorite when I was five and it was my favorite for my kids when they each turned five! I woke my mom up the night before my fifth birthday and told here I didn't want to turn six!! She's beautiful, jakki! And it looks like you have practiced putting that camera there enough, she's getting comfortable with it!! That's awesome!!

Shel said...

Happy Birthday, you great big 5-year-old!!!

Pam said...

Happy Birthday Kailee!!!! I love the pics, esp. the eating one, ha ha!

She is such a big girl now...and school is JUST around the corner, fun!

I love what she says about growing up, so cute:) A always tells us she never wants to move out when she is a grown up...lol, we'll see, right? :)