giggles and grocery shopping

I'm starting to think that I shop at Henry's just because they give out balloons to the kids ... if you get their early enough.  It's a chain of farmer's market type store, and they have excellent produce lots and lots of organic everything  and its not all that expensive. they do not have 10 different brands of the same kind of cheese ... you get maybe two choices so its a small market. but they sell lots of stuff in bulk ... love love love to buy spices that way when we're trying something new (a tbs. of anything isn't as expensive as a $6 jar of the stuff).  and they give out balloons which makes my kids all giggly the entire ride home, which is fun for me ... so here's to giggling on the drive home


Scrap Candy said...

Here's to anything that makes a kid giggly. Purple balloons, days at the park and staring out the window watching the snow fall (oh wait that is me today because I don't have to drive in it!)

Pam said...

I wish we had a store like that, sounds awesome!! Haa ha...Shaun doesn't like when our store gives the kids balloons because he is nervous they will pop when he's driving:)

Shel said...

Balloons make everyone happy! Yay!