the first week

I know it's not technically the end of the week, but I wanted to blog ... needed to blog so i don't fall behind.  I got this idea from K's new teacher "its not so much the fear of the unknown. its the fear of the known" putting that in terms of the first weeks of school.  so I decided to do a bunch of pictures with the first week of school in mind, to add to the whole first day expirence.  its been fun and i am totally enjoying it. its a work in progress and today i am going to have to get a picture of her coming home. then probably scrap them as a collage.
 so we are walking to school everyday, and home. its a total of 2 miles for kailee to walk, and me its four (i've totally measured it thanks to cool cell phone apps).  easy way to get into shape, 4 miles is seriously alot of walking and add to that the school and our house are on different sides of a hill ... we walk up hill both ways.  funny cliche' but what makes it all better is that its true.
 she's making funny faces at me, becuase i wasn't letting her take pictures.
and add to that the 'classic walking to school" picture ... im having fun with this.  I have this really good picture of K with one of her friends from school, i know she's already got friends  (we've actually hung out with them before at mcdonalds, but still its cool for them to be in class together and on the same team (they sit next to each other)) that i want to post but i didn't ask if i could post her photo up on my blog ... so i'll be asking later today. :)


Scrap Candy said...

And it's all uphill from here too!! :D

I love the new blog header! Almost as much as I do that silly face that K is making!

Pam said...

I love the new blog header too and your pics of K! Wow...we love 22 miles from A's school (not the one she will go to Kindergarten too thank goodness!), that is so awesome you can walk!

Love your idea of a first week take!