logan loves to go to the lakes and feed the da's as he calls them. he chases them around, throws food at them, and in general loves the guys (one of his first words) ... oh and they talk back to him with there "quack quack", they follow him (when he's not looking), and come over to say "hi" (if it's winter, and he has a bag of duck food). seems like a pretty good relationship if i think about it.

the hard part is keeping him from chasing them all the way into the water ... he's gotten close a couple of time.


Scrap Candy said...

These are great full on good light pics. It's been so dreary here I am longing for a sum filled day and little one to chase with my camera!!

Pam said...

Awww...love the behind shots. Dang that is a lot of ducks, lol!!

Shel said...

Those pics are adorable!