an almost week

I've been out of it a little this week ... blame it on this stupid stuffy head cold that has attacked.  but i did take some pictures 
Monday:  leftovers = taco/burrito night :)  yummy
 Tuesday: logan loves to see what's going on outside, and meet anybody who's comming over ... such a cutie (love how you can see his missing teeth in this smile)
 Wensday: thanks to this stupid cold, i have not felt like walking to school ... so we drove.   logan is waiting for his sister to come out to the gate, but that doesn't mean he can't play on the fence until then.
 Thrusday: Kailee's picture of  her new shoes, that she cannot tie herself!  Ugh I thought i had a rule against laces shoes until she learned how to do it herself ... although you have take advantage of free pink shoes from her older cousin (at least they're on the right feet)

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Pam said...

That is still good! I have been slacking this week. Oops...no stress though, right?