take a closer look

okay so the story starts out at the locan mickey d's. kailee has a few friends who she hangs out with here on a pretty much weekly basis ... its about the friendship not the food. so on this said trip logan is of course playing on the lower levels here with his sister and the other girls running all around the upper slides and asorted aircrafts.
then i hear "mommy come see us" and logan has some how made it up to level two and the helecopter. what the crap is what i am thinking. i totally was not prepared for him to start climbing this stuff ...seriously thought i had a few more months untill this. i have a strick policy of if you can't climb something all by yourself then you shouldn't be climbing it. and wow logan has made it up to the top now .... okay so i'm sorta seriously freaking out here.
well turns out his sister helped him up to the helicopter. something about how grandma lets her help her brother at the playset. grandma is going to get a talking to ..... he got down okay but yes i did have to crawl into the playset to help him down ... see my do it by yourself theory is proven here.

and this is more like the logan im used too. still happy on level one with the slide over to the left and a tube to walk across to it ... although he's looking pretty serious in this pictures.

** first two photos were taken with my droid phone, for the last one i had my p&s handy. so you can see the difference**


Shel said...

That last pic is adorable! What a face! He is such a cutie and growing so fast!

Pam said...

There is a difference, but your phone does take pretty awesome pics! Wow I would be freaking out if Kieran got that high, lol!

He is looking so much older!