catching up on my December Daily Album

totally am going to have kailee trace over the dotted letters, to complete her letter to santa in the book .. figuring a red or green sharpie will do the trick
love the lettering over the picture :)

crazy pictures and feeling pretty deperate at this point as far as pictures go.
you will rememer the green logan pictures from my test run. but they fit so perfect with kailee painting her face to be an eagle ... not exactly in order
i love the right hand picture, i couldn't have asked for a better one.
i took way to many cookie pictures, but it was by far the easiest page to put together
see running out of pictures here ... they all fit so well on one page, im not fully happy with the left page on this spread. but we will see where it goes.

okay so summary:

I am loving the digital medium with this project. I keep changing my mind here and there and it's so easy to change and fix everything to go along. and it's really hard taking pictures, and then comming back to make a page and realizing the story isn't complete with the photos you took. complaints ... i don't have enought embellishments. and I am totally in love with "traditional christmas" themes, and this paper isn't your traditional christmas, but it fits me personality wise better ... fun thing to play with. also im feeling a little attached to this paper line, i cant seem to break out to anything else and that's leaving me feeling trapped.
we still have to decorate so there is no decorations in my book yet, just the daily happenings.


Isabelle said...

I love what you did so far Jakki! Can't wait to see the rest!

Pam said...

Love love love!!! You really have me wishing I was doing this format instead:) You will just have to tell me how it went what you would change, if anything, and I will maybe do this next year. Of course...I need to learn how to digital scrapbook first:)

Shel said...

Jakki - It looks awesome!!!