writing on the wall

so i venture out to the kitchen and see this in the door way .... seriously thinking i need some more mr. clean magic erasers and we might have to paint before we leave this house. seriously this sucks! im going to have to take away all writing tools ... there are alot of them availble to the kids, i'm an artist and love markers, crayons, pencils, pens, more markers, and there is even water paint and big paints (tempra) as kailee calls them. but seriously writting on the walls ... we have already had this discussion with suspect #1
suspect #1 with her serious face next to the evidence ... yeah so it's above her head i think evidence leads to her and the one who is going to be scrubbing the walls again this time. she did have the odasity to tell me suspect #2 had the markers and was walking around with them.
and suspect #2 ... yeah that is a colored pencil in his hand and a pile of other such creative tools that he spilled on the floor in front of him.

seriously my kids are teaming up against me.

and my lastest two favorite layouts ...:)


Scrap Candy said...

Love it! (well, not the scribble on the wall, but how you framed the story!!!). I cannot wait to see how you document this for the books!

Pam said...

Ha, love the suspects!

A has colored on things she wasn't supposed to a few times in the last couple months...even though she hasn't done that in forever. Hmmm...