talking with kailee

{kailee took the picture herself .... i didn't know she even had the camera}

so in the car on the way home from the grocery store, kailee and i had this converstation .....

K- "we're in a house forest, that's what i call it when there are houses all around"

a little while later

K- mommy your not going super fast.:

M- i'm going the speed limit K.

K- daddy goes super fast! you're just going medium fast.

M- well than daddy can get a speeding ticket then.

K- police officers don't give tickets for going super fast. they just give tickets to people not wearing their seat belts.

M- {laugh}


Pam said...

Haaaaaa ha! I love it. I have a funny conversation to post too-love the format of this post, I might copy it:)

Shel said...

Oh so innocent!! Love it!