not ready for november yet

thought i would post our pumpkin carving adventures .... we didn't cut them up until the night before all hallows eve. kailee was so excited to get her hands on some pumpkin seeds.
but that was the extent of it. she told me it was gooey and she didn't like it or want to continue further.

she did enjoy watching me gut the pumpkins and then insisted on drawing on the face.
little brother copied
he was more interested in the insides than kailee though .... i'm hoping he will help me out if a few years.


Shel said...

No pics of the finished pumpkins? Cute snap of them drawing!!!

Scrap Candy said...

I'm SO not ready for November either. Brrr...it is getting chilly around here and I'm not liking that either. LOVE L's little cheeks next to that bright orange pumpkin - curiosity is the BEST!

Pam said...

Love the pic of L peering into the pumpkin. A is the same way with the guts:) She wouldn't even touch them this year because she remembered from last year.