my little trick or treaters

we got out early, so that i could get some good pictures. and here they are ... my little trick or treaters. princess belle and the little skunk
he looks so big. he also was totally happy after getting one piece of candy that he just followed after his sister the rest of the time. by the last house he was trying to say trick or treat, but really he just followed his sisters lead (except that he wanted to eat the candy not put it in the pumpkin.
she was crazy happy girl and im so glad i took the pictures early, she would not sit still for anything. our neighbors across the street were setting up their whole campfire trick or treaters and were totally happy to play the part for my pictures ... and the kids got to eat some candy right away. totally cool
and because i seriously didn't want a ton of candy at the house. and the whole learning process kailee got to stay up and hand out candy to all the kids who came to our door .... she was just as excited and happy to give candy away as she was to go door to door recieving candy.


Pam said...

So cute, I think that pic of K is one of my faves ever of her!!! L does look big in that costume-and cute too:)

Love that K was happy to giveaway candy too!

Shel said...

Oh...so so cute! I love the pic of K laughing!!! You must blow that one up...really large! L's costume is the cutest thing ever!!!

Scrap Candy said...

perfect strategy - giving is so much better than receiving! Can't wait to see what you DO with these beautiful pics!