logan hugs

so a few months back i was complaining about "logan kisses" ... they were really more of the head butt varity and seriously they could hurt. he's since given that up to the classic open mouth slobber ones. that as a mom you go "ahh how cute" and then wipe away the mess. but his new thing that absoultly melts my heart now is he comes up to me at all times during the day and gives me hugs.

he does it when he's sad, when his sister is picking on him, after he's retaliated and hit his sister for something she did. its cutests thing and i love it, its also fun to try not to trip on him if i was walking somewhere before he came up to me and hugged me. he also likes to think that i am a bridge that he can go under and over and if im standing in one spot for too long he's under foot again.

and lastly i love this cat, he's so patient with my kids. he loves kailee and prefers to sleep on her bed. she carries him around the house (when he's inside) and he lets her, i don't think she has tried to dress him up in baby clothes yet but it seriously wouldn't surprise me to find him bolting out of her room with a jacket on. he also lets logan catch him when logan chases him around the house yelling KKKEEEEEE! KKKEEEE!
oh and he's not one bit scared of the dogs either ... although bear is a little to much for him ... there's a big difference between 13lbs and 100+ lbs in the playing realm.

i seriously ment to do a page about cooking ... you girls are inspiring me. but i guess i have to take some pictures first of the food that i'm cooking uh


Scrap Candy said...

Oh, you are making me nostalgic again! Baby hugs and kisses are so NOT popular around here. Oh, these preteen years are breaking my heart!!! Keep them little, jakki!

Shel said...

Oh, Jakki...I am so glad you documented this precious time!

Pam said...

Awwww! I love them too:) K runs up to the gate in the kitchen all the time when I'm in there and says "mmmmwah" and wants to give me a kiss.