december daily album

okay so i know its all of one day early but my mind is obsessing over it. i've been wanting to start it over and over again, but since i'm playing the digital card there really isn't all the much prep work to it, just make up the templates and have all the paper and ebellies stored in the same file. and i've had that done for a week now. so today we made up some brownies (holiday baking yeah?) and of course i took pictures ... logan had the best one, and i forgot to take pictures of the actual brownies. but the story is more about the fun of licking the spoon (well wisk and bowl in this case). it's not all fancy with cool pp or anything like that, i was playing with the red ... love the echo park "dashing in the snow" collection RED ... so yummy (as if you can't tell) the green is pretty de'lish too. but i am seeing myself getting the "animals" embellie pack and maybe another bit of paper for this project as a whole .... so i will definatly be checking out the dollar wensdays over at jessicasprage.com (i think that's how you spell her name, i always get it wrong) but i don't think my "animals" will be on sale :(

so here is the start of my month long adventure of the december daily album
(you can find out more about this whole thing over on aliedwards.com if your interested in more)


Scrap Candy said...

Jut the fact that you made them black and white with that eye popping red and green is wonderful. I'm in love with this!!

Shel said...

Jakki - This is a fabulous start! Can't wait to see the whole album!

Pam said...

Love it-this is perfect!!!! That picture of L is priceless!