proof of what logan does

so my last post was about how logan is climbing into everything. well i'm still caught up on it. that and editing pictures so i'm looking at all the proof i have of this. i guess i'll have to put these all on a page for him.

so lets start with the dishwasher. i can't seem to keep him off of it ... i seriously wait until he's asleep to empty and load the thing.

and of course he has to be like mommy and his big sister. i did not put him up in the chair. i walked into the office and he was like this ( i left the room for a short while, hence the computer being on)

and he climbs in and out of the wagon, a much more apporiate activity
and yes he is trying to climb on and ride his sisters razor scooter .... that one didn't get to far
and the walker airplane in the backyard. another good choice
and lastly my little guy was helping me with the laundry.

i seriously did not put him up to any of these pictures, just snapped them after the fact when u found him.

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Pam said...

lol...love the dishwasher one where he has only one sock on...those teeny details always make me smile!

Wow, so L is much more of a climber than K!

And so hope you are doing a scrapbook page for this:)