it's all about the style

so have you noticed???? the photos aren't all in perfect focus, i don't think i would be asking this question if they were all in focus. but the images work so perfect for a "cars" lighting mcqueen opening sequence play by play. its all about the shades, the style, being cool. (not mentioning that these shades are green sparkling and have little mermaid on them). and steve and i wont be caught outside without some shades, and yes he does have his own (he's just borrowing his sisters at this time)

so do i use the blurry photos?


Pam said...

YES YES YES!!! No question about it! Looooove the one on the right:)

Shel said...

Yes! Definitely! Love-love-love them!

Scrap Candy said...

Absolutely! Not a second thought more!