the everyday

so i recently posted my favorite current picture of kailee. so here's logan's turn.
and now to post the everyday....

what my living room looks like at any given moment. can't seem to keep up with the kids toys, mostly logan's too

k my little crafty girl, always wanting to paint something, or drawing. and lately working on her school work. its funny when she tells me she doesn't like homework, then turns around and is busy writting something.
and logan not to be left out is turning it to quite the artist too. he only occasionally eats the crayons and that is if i'm not paying attention to him. oh and he likes chewing on markers better than crayons ... i keep finding him carring around my markers.


Scrap Candy said...

those baby blues are just precious!

I love the clean feel to the blog, again...but I gotta say I was a fan club member of K's backwards shoes!! I loved them! REALLY - it was something about them!

I need to take some everyday pics, too...huh?

Shel said...

I love the new design, new title template and great idea with the pics on the side! Hmmmm....So many ideas, so little time!

Pam said...

Looooove the shot of L and I totally think you should use the living room picture for Shel's challenge! Love the new look to the blog too:)