chasing rainbows

so yesterday we had one of those wild summer storms (even though it's technically fall time, being the end of september). it was all hot and muggy with the endless banter of thunder in the background (and in our house gypsee barking at the thunder ... you would think she would have a sore throught today) along with all sorts of downpouring of rain. but a little before sunset the rain stopped and we ventured outside. kailee was thrilled she saw a real live rainbow. she was so excited to see on that she wanted to know if we could go over the hill and see where it ends. it was too cute.
on top of that i couldn't have asked for a cooler light. it was eerie and grey with this copper silver thread through it. i have done nothing to the photos, and i took the pictures with my prime lens (the one that lets in all the light). really really wish i knew enough about actions to try to replicate this affect. its got a clean grunge look to it, but is also has that sort of cool antiquing as well. i was in love so much that kailee got to practice some of her modeling skills while i took pictures.


Scrap Candy said...

What a gorgeous picture!!! THere is a pot of gold in that little dreamer's future!!

Shel said...

Oooh! Very cool coloring!

Pam said...

I love the light too!! You totally captured the essence of childhood in those shots!