boxes, ribbits, and dinosaurs .... oh my!

so i belive he is thinking "hey mom, just look how cool it is playing in the box. i even have a ribbit with me" he loves to climb into anything that he can fit into ... boxes, baskets, the dishwasher, and drier (much to mom's protesting he still does it ... and yes i have pictures to prove it :)) and well the frog (ribbits) are his newest favorite thing to play with. he will actually fight his sister over her attempting to take them from him.

the sister on the other hand is pretending to be a triceritops .... tank i believe from dinosaur train (she loves that show). i don't have the hear to tell her she needs three horns to be one, its too cute to see her like this. oh and logan is off to the side holding up his stick trying to be just like his big sister .... ugh i really hate sticks as play tthings.

and on a last rant. i am in love with the libraries cd collection. until i realized that they don't have the twilight saga score cd's. yeah its all the background classical music but its so fun to listen to while being creative. i love love love my lord of the rings trilogy cds (all classical ... well pretty much) and now i want to add twilight saga to them, guess i will have to by them. another awsome sound track is road to perdition ... so 30's era big band that i love it. i really like movie sound tracks. i know its wierd ... one of my wierd quirks i discoved in college ... modern classical and big band ;) on the music note i think i have finally turned my husband on to alternative, now to just get him to give up some of the 80's crap he listens too ....(insert evil laugh here)


Shel said...

They are so adorable! I wanna squeeze their cheeks!

Pam said...

So hear ya on the lord of the rings soundtrack:) Love the pics of the kiddies, K is in love with climbing into things too:)