my scrap space

so i'm really not as cool as pam with her whole narative viedo of her scrap space. but i do have this. its fun to go and download pictures and find a whole bunch of pictures you didn't take, it makes you wonder about the safety of your point and shoot. kailee took this for me. you can see my crazy bulletin board on the left. my light .... it was too dark to scrap in the closet before that and this hook up was cheap the cool uv lightbulb cost more then the fixture. my stash of paper on top. its two bins of cardstock then 5 bins of pp. and then in the cut up post office boxes are kailee's cardstock. those big bic 12x12 sticker sheets and alphas. page protectors and all sorts of other project/scrap related stuffs. im trying out having some embellies pined to the wall to see if i'll use them. along the shelf to the right is my stamps, paints (behind the stamps) and inks all in the front. on the table is my hudge cutter (but i love it) and two or three self healing mats in the drawers are ribbons (that i never use) punches, and a supply of pens, and exactos. the bottom drawer to the left has all my alpha stickers and thickers. under the desk is my christmas themed paper and a bunch of other art realted items (not nessasary scrapbook) and i usually sit on a stool when i scrapbook. im assuming this picture was taken while kailee was sitting at the computer doing i donno know what. oh and the bathroom is across the hall :)

and just because of some comments about the "chalk" layout. logan did sample the chalk, but he was far more interested in drawing and now if he's outside in the back i usually see him with chalk in his hand.
layout in question


Scrap Candy said...

I love your nook. Everything is arranged perfectly for you. I've tried hanging the embellies too. It works somewhat, but I think the key is to switch them up a nit more often and I can't keep up with that!! Now about that ribbon....!!

Pam said...

Ha ha, love the chalk pic:) I love the idea of the bulleti1 board too...I want to get some of those cork 12x12 squares to hang up things, but not sure where to put them. Your space is so cute and I am with you on the ribbon;)

Shel said...

I like your scrap space. You look so organized. CAN YOU TEACH ME?