logan walking

love how the picture shows that wabble as he's taking a step. i tried to download the viedo i have of him walking.... but it was taking so darn long i just gave up. i will see if i can edit it down and post it then.

so i think this picture is perfect for the "i dont like logan" page. the two of them are actually really really easy to photograph together.

kailee: "i don't like logan, mom."
me: " i know you don't like logan, you LOVE logan."
.... waiting for the eye roll when i respond to her like this....


Scrap Candy said...

i love it Jakki! That little swagger is SO dang cute!

Now, about this beautiful clean look on the blog - I adore it! tell me more!

Pam said...

Awww, that is the PERFECT wobbly walk pic:) And I love the dialogue between the 2 of you:) So funny-and yes, you have to record that into the scrapbook!

P.S. Totally digging the new blog look...adore your header!!