the fourth of july

so im not posting my lame fireworks pictures, but i will probably scrap them. both the kids had a blast at the city sponcerd fireworks. i think the glow necklaces were a favorite with both logan and kailee. logan had to have 2 (one was mine originally)
i think they're non-toxic

kailee got to ride some of the rides they had there. she dubed this one the madagacar one because they had lions and zibras painted on it.
cool effect with taking pictures in night portrait mode ... glowing glow necklacess
and kailee chanting her "go fireworks go" mantra for the evening.

logan was having fun waving his little flag all over the place. its was cute he was riding around in the wagon we brought showing his flag to everybody

and totally not related to the festivites above. but this is the face logan gives everybody he doesn't know. he's not one to smile right away instead you get the "serious" look and eventually maybe he'll smile for you.
its been really hard for me to capture this look, well because im the mom and he's always smiling for me. but i see it all the time, you would think he's a flirt but no he makes people earn his smiles.


Shel said...

I love his "look!" So cute!

Scrap Candy said...

You have such the "looker" on your hands, Jakki! He is adorable! I love that you caught THAT look!

Pam said...

Love the serious look he gives, so cute! Love the picture with him and his flag too! I didn't bring my camera to fireworks since it was drizzling, but I took some pictures with my sister's p&s. I will probably scrap them too, but not post:)