nap anyone?

my answer to ali's weekend creative and pam's little challenge on completing it. :)

logan fell asleep at lunch today, while eating his lunch he sorta just crashed. its what happens when he thinks he's cool enough to skip morning naps. this doesn't happen at dinner time, that usually has him falling asleep right before dinner and then waking up an hour later and staying up till i desperately want to go to sleep.

it took three pictures to get this. although i couldn't crop it a true 12x12 ... his head takes up a little to much of the image, and cutting it off looks funky. so i cropped it 9x12. and have just white above and below the image. then added some brushes just to make it look distressed and also a b&w to the image ... he's still a bit red and blotchy because of the whole rash thing. and well the journaling needs work but i can't seem to come up with the words that tell the story. its kinda short and i like the "skipping morning naps results in a lunch time siesta". but really i want to journal how horrible of a napper he is. and how he can't miss anything that is going on around him so he stays awake. then all of a sudden just crashes BAM! hence he's asleep during lunch. but its not working out for me right now.


Scrap Candy said...

Adorable little fellow with his arms folded just so! All that's missing is a bit of drool! ;) I'm sure you will get the journalling just the way you want it, but I love the way it looks right now! That font is perfect!

Pam said...

Perfect! Love the distressing and I think your description of what you want the journaling to say is perfect:) Love that picture too...I have one of A very similar!

P.S. Happy late birthday little man:)

Shel said...

OMG! This is so perfect! I adore that pic!