he's ONE now

so i actually did it, i lit the candle so he had a glowing candle .. than after i took this ONE SHOT i helped him blow it out really fast. i have pictures of my birthday with a actual candle burning, but it kinds freaked me out how he was all going for it. seriously we have all held our hand over a candle flame and know how hot it can be. but i didn't totally chicken out, steve was saying i shouldn't bother with lighting it HAH!,
my lovely looking cupcakes, i know they look miserable but hey they did taste yummy. and besides kailee helped me make them. i'll make them pretty when it really matters to him ... all he wanted to do was eat the thing.
and he was neat about it too!
i did let him explore the candle after it wasn't burning :) he wasn't that impressed the sprinkles and cup cake seemed all the more adventure.
this is as messy has he got. and he tried to eat the whole thing ... ugh like that was going to happen. but hey at least the kid eats right? he's just a little guy. stupid doctors appt and the presure that forces you to look at those statistics and how they relate to your kids. okay not getting on that soap box.

so the pictures look horrible, they're all red, and he's blochy (still suffering from the rash that is either an allergic reaction to a "cillin" or some rosella virus) and am i vain enough to photoshop these for his scrapbook???? hmmmmm

so we're not so big on the birthday parties here. seeing as kailee's is only 10 days after christmas and 4 days after the first of the year .. just wait for those tween to teenage new years parties we're going to have at my house :) so yeah birthday kid gets to pick the dinner and cake seem to be our big celebrations. maybe a few birthday parites here and there, like 5 and we will see where it goes from there. although logan's #2 might be at disneyland (sorta like kailee's we told everyone it was her birthday in august when we went and she was 2.5 and it was really my birthday)

okay tired and rambling ...


Scrap Candy said...

i love those fingers going for that cupcake! You know, the same thing happened with Brandan @ one...those fingers went for that glowing light and it WAS just enough to scare him and make him cry when he realized he couldn't touch it!

Well, HAPPPPPPY BIRTHDAY, LOGAN! May this be one of many that Mommy gets to make you sprinkled cupcakes and give you big KISSES!!

Shel said...

He doesn't look blotchy at all! And I love when babies don't want to get messy. It's so cute!

I never did big birthdays around here until they started getting invited to school friends' parties. Around age 6 is when the big guns will have to pulled out!! Until then, keep it simple, sister!

Pam said...

I love the one with his fingers and the one with him trying to eat the whole cupcake:) Adorable! I don't see the red blotches either.

Happy Birthday Logan!!!