got sand?

so it finally happened logan decided that he didn't want to just sit and hang out in the stroller after swinging for who knows how long. he jumped in and got all dirty, pretty much like i would expect any kiddo would do when playing in sand.
he didn't eat any of it though :). just grabbing it in his hands and dumping buckets that his sister was so seriously filling. its amazing how cool all those grocery store plastic containers and other containers make as sand toys.

below is typical logan. he doesn't like to sit down if he can help it. its standing all the time and taking steps away from objects to then only moments later fall back down on his bum. here he was helping kailee make her cakes ... although i think he was just more interested in sweeping off the sand his sister was spilling on the bench, i mean table.
and because kailee is kailee and she wanted her picture taken while posing. im actually pretty amazed that it turned out. usually she's moving to fast and all i get is a blurry picture of her running away.


Shel said...

I love that little one-piece jumper he's wearing! So cute!

Scrap Candy said...

Who doesn't love sand! I'll take a beach of the stuff RIGHT NOW! That pic of K is awesome. I want to see a LO immediately!

Pam said...

I love that pic of K too-totally captures a 4 year old little girl's personality!!

Love the sand pics too-yay for Logan not tasting it:) I never thought about the plastic containers as sand toys...or hey, they would make good bath toys too!