back home

so this past week i was back home spending some time with my parents and the kids. its was lots of fun, and now seeing the place some 10 years after I left, I can see the beauty of it. to bad i didn't stop and take the pictures i am meaning too (will have to go back later with steve and leave the kids at home, this picture taking will involve high temps, lots of wind, and fast cars ... there are some road shots i need but people drive way to fast in the desert.) but we hit up the road side farmers market on the way home (the orchards are right behind this building) and picked out some fruit to take home.

going for the ali everyday photos here. we got apircots and cherries (although not the ranier's pictured below)
i remember peaches growing up. like going into the orchards and picking them, getting peach fuzz all over your arms and you face and eyes and itching badly from it. it was also in the 100's temp wise when this was accomplished and you were wearing long sleeve t-shirts and jeans. the wind is crazy up there too, but i don't have a memory of it included with picking peaches, although im sure it was there. i also remember going home with boxes of peaches ... i mean boxes of them. and with in the next few days canning them with my mom. and that was sticky, hot, and delicious.


Pam said...

Love the picture of K with the fruit:) And you totally need to scrap the peach picking/canning memory.

Scrap Candy said...

Mmmmm...these look so delicious!! I am craaaaaving cherry pie all of a sudden.