a glimpse into my head and the process that is creative

so this picture caught my eye. not the perfect one that's for sure. but the image so represents my everyday. kailee up front and in my face wanting all my attention. logan seeing the opportunity to explore off on his own, getting into who knows what with a 90% likelihood that its something he doesn't need to get into. and then there's always the animals in the background, this time its gypsee.
so i was going to post about how i keep drafting layouts for logan originally as 12x12 and then i sit there and look at it ....
and some how in my head i think it will look better as a 8.5 x 11.
so then i cut it down and once again have a 8.5 x 11 page for his book. and then i put it away and think "hey i should really even this out with some more 12x12 pages" but isn't that what i started out with to begin with? what my head does i don't know, his book is really turning out to be 8.5 x 11 and not totally on purpose it just seems to be where i am at with his book. i can still easily turn out 12 x 12 pages for kailee. so maybe i should cut down those few larger pages and just go with the smaller size. i just did up his ultra sound pictures in the pocket pages, and those are 12 x 12, and totally cool in black and white (steve got me some b/w paper). so maybe i look at that size pocket pages.

so then i get back up to the top where i'm looking over the pictures i took today. and i see these.
lots and lots of shots of kailee playing hopscotch. i was stuck in the action mode on the dslr and just held the button has she hopped away. and looking at the pictures, i was drawn to the abstract ones (or i edited them to be abstract) and was playing with adding something more to them, like the first picture .... finally figured that one out! hah my digi skills really are there. and while playing in photoshop i got distracted into making my own paper (brushes really are pretty cool). now the frame journaling i have no idea how to do in photoshop, although i am sure it's possible, but that was easy peasy to do over in illustrator so i did up the title and journaling there and just dragged it over to photoshop. so why then are my digi pages SO SIMPLE and to the point? i don't play much with the different papers, or should i say files because i am always thinking files when im playing with digi stuff. maybe its all that fine arts college stuff i did, files are files and they have to be clean and easy to look at and find stuff, because you always will have to find something.

and then i blogged it :)


Scrap Candy said...

i love it! you had exactly the right focus on L! K is blurred out just enough to know that big sister is always a few steps away!

I really liked the design on that 12x12 - I'll have to lift it (when I eventually get back to scrapping!)

Keep that creative process rolling...i love how you think!

Pam said...

Really really like that top picture, can't wait to see that scrapped! I want to see the ultrasound pic pages so I can be inspired to scrap mine! I am the opposite of you, I am in a 12x12 mode right now. I like the square (although, the page I need to upload is 8.5x11!!). Love the peek at your process!