a day at the park with ice cream afterwards

so we pretty much spend part of everyday at the park. kailee has WAY TOO MUCH ENERGY other wise.

so after the park kailee wanted a pop-pop (push-up ice cream) and of course if kailee is eating something logan has to eat it too. kailee didn't even know what ice cream was until she was at least 18m. logan on the other hand is already trying to eat it all by himself. i'm just wondering if he's more concerned about eating the ice cream or just coping his bib sister?????
my favorite swing picture of my little guy .... i might have just maybe figured out a way to take swing pictures that i like. although i could do without the empty swing shadow on the ground, but that's being too picky
kailee is becoming the real sand chief lately. here she is with her two sand cakes for display and enjoyment. still trying to explain to her that she can't give them to logan, because he will really try to eat the sand.


Shel said...

What's the harm in letting him eat the sand cakes? All kids go through that phase! LOL Heehee

Cute pics! Love that it's warm and sunny by you all the time!

Pam said...

Haaaa ha...just laughing because I am about to post a picture of K eating sand:) I am like you and must get out of the house each day, preferably somewhere where kids can burn off energy!!

Scrap Candy said...

I LOVE that pic of L's face eating that push pop! He is so cute, I could gobble him up!