another day at the zoo

part of the fun of having a zoo pass, i guess, is getting to go to the zoo all the time. this last time we went with my parents. kailee was selective in what pictures she wanted to take .....

so here she is with the gorilla's or more in kailee talk "baby frank, and family" baby frank is about 18 months old and a little larger than k her self. she loves this guy and always has to come by and see him. the pictures she wanted to take this time around were of her comparing herself to adult gorillas.
over at the children's zoo these merecats hang out. there are i believe 3 different merecat colonies at the zoo. these guys are all brothers and they love to come over to the glass and pose for pictures. how cool is that.
now if you don't like reptiles turn away and don't read the rest of the post. kailee loves the snake house and bug house. she HAS TO GO SEE THEM EVERY TIME we got to the zoo. or even if we just think about the zoo. she took most of these next pictures her self. (okay the next one not so much, but how can anyone turn down this lighting??? i have no idea what kind of lizard that is)
yeah this guy is a local. i keep telling her that she can't get too close to these guys when they're not in the zoo.
and love this shot, or should i say reflection. the cool looking leaf bugs just have to wait for another shot.

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Scrap Candy said...

i would love to have a zoo day...it has been awhile for us. I think we hit Lincoln Park Zoo at the end of last summer, so we are in need of a VISIT.

How does L take to the animals? is he a clone of animal friendly K?